Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Inspiration is one of those things that I've always pondered.  Whenever I hear someone else say that some act of creating was "inspired" it just puts it in some very special place, above other things that were created but due to some misfortune didn't have this magic breathed into them.  Rather than thinking about it in such revered way I have chosen to view it as "profound influence".  It is what drives me to work as hard as I can and never settle for anything less when it comes to making my ideas real.

 For me the two most significant sources of inspiration are my uber talented wife and my son. I continually feel the huge fortune that smiles on me by having a great artist as a partner. She doesn't let me slack for a second and always provides honest and critical thought to whatever idea I'm cooking. My son.... is joy.  He will always be someone that make me want to be great.   I do realize that at this point he would think I was great even if I wasn't making him fire stations and forts, but still every day when I wake up to his voice I want to be the greatest dad I can be and that happens to also mean the greatest artist I can be.  

What inspires you to create?  



  1. A man who recognizes the happiness and fortune he has within his family is an inspired man indeed! Love this post. That wedding photo is beautiful. Great music is one thing that gets my creative juices flowing or at least makes me happy even if I've hit the dreaded 'wall'. That and my kiddo.

  2. Great post, I've just found your blog via Kickcan and Conkers, I shall be following! Nice to find you!

  3. Sweet...
    Still thinking.... will get back to you with my answer. :)

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