Sunday, April 24, 2011

CCA Demonstration!

~ Me to do Sgraffito Demo! ~

I was asked if I would be willing to demonstrate a technique that I use primarily in my ceramic sculpture referred to as "sgraffito", a technique that I love and have been doing for a long time.  Considering it was for a local clay group called Cascade Clay Artists and since I never have the time in my life to join the group and go to meetings, I felt that I this was a way that I could contribute.  The challenge for me is to somehow make this interesting to watch.  My process is very slow and unless it is speeded up in a video it could be painful to sit through.  Well, I am going to get some rest and hopefully be a dynamic demonstrator tomorrow evening.  Wish me luck. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Colorful Evening

~ A Colorful Evening ~

Every spring one of the two major tulip growers in the valley hosts a special night for the locals.  It's been a bit of a tradition for the family for the past few years and my father from RI got a chance to join us last year.  The tulips are never absolutely predictable as to when they will be in bloom and this year they are a smidge late.  Not late for the the locals night however.  We got a chance to enjoy a beautiful display variety and color.  Kristin the family photographer was having a field day.

Sayer loves breaking the rules and running through the rows of flowers, sometimes falling head first into the mud.  It was chilly but you never would have known by looking at him having fun out there.

The fun and color didn't end for him in the tulip fields because Grandma and Grandpa suggested a trip to  One Sayers favorite fine dining establishments that just so happens to have an enormous play land to climb.

I was thoroughly impressed by how well he climbed up and through maze of tubes.  He was quick to make friends with an older girl who helped him find his way to the biggest corkscrew slide.  I have to say that the stroll through the tulip fields and the after party were very different experiences but also very typical of the way Kristin and I live our lives.  We try to live very colorfully.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

April Fools!

On this day of jokes and trickery I wanted to share a couple of my springtime feelings.  At this time of year my heart just swims with romantic thoughts.  Feelings that make me want to kiss in public or anywhere for that matter.   Above is a self portrait that I drew quite a while ago.  It was done in graphite, charcoal and pastel no paper and was one in a series of portraits that had emotional significance for me.  Of all the  portraits in that series it is one of the only that I actually care to look at anymore.  The second thing I'd like to share is one of my favorite musicians in his debut television performance on the Conan Obrien show.  I've also been told on a number of occasions that he and I look a great deal alike.  I have to say he is and looks younger.  Enjoy!