Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cardboard Man

I admittedly love Halloween. What's not to like about an opportunity to consume tons of sugar and walk the streets of your neighborhood in disguise. Another thing that this holiday has always done, is force me to create a character and costume. Maybe it was due to the fact that my mother really enjoyed making my sister and I elaborate costumes when we were little kids, and I'm reliving it all again. I definitely want to carry on the tradition with my three year old son.

This year it wasn't a difficult decision as to what I was going to be. Sometimes work imitates life and I've been working with a lot of corrugated cardboard over the past few months at the design house where I work (hutch studio). I've been creating all sorts of things with old boxes and scraps so why not an outfit to wear. Some may call it frugal fashion but I call it "fun".


  1. Oh how I love my cardboard man! This costume reminds me of a more eco-conscious Willy Wonka. Very cool... (& nice first blog post)!

  2. Hey Chris, congrats on your new blog! That cardboard costume is outrageously FANTASTIC! Right down to the glasses.. This is so fun and amazing. Incredibly, my girl and I are watching the Imagination Movers and this episode's about.. cardboard boxes! Can't wait to keep checking back on your blog..

  3. Very cool Chris....Yeah you have your blog up!!!

  4. this is so something my parents would have made for me or my siblings. For a girl that just wanted to be a "fairy" princess, it didn't sit too well with me at the time, but I sure do appreciate their creativity now! A job really well done Chris! I look forward to reading your blog!

  5. Wow, mad skills! It is nice to know when kids grow up they will appreciate their hand made costumes.. Parenthood is a chance to revisit your own childhood, and try to improve upon it.

  6. Utterly terrific outfit! You're the coolest!

  7. Hello there! Now, I have to say, if you love oardboard, you're my kinda man - very dapper!

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