Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fairytales, Fantasy, & Fear

The Mint Museum - 75th Anniversary
The Mint Museum cordially invites you to a suite of events celebrating the opening of Fairytales, Fantasy, & Fear at Mint Museum Uptown.

A very cool thing about a Museum having something of yours in their permanent collection is that occasionally they will use it in a special show.  The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC has one of my ceramic sculptures and when an upcoming show titled Fairytales,Fantasy, & Fear was being curated they thought it would be a good fit.  Thank you Mint!  It sounds like a very interesting show to me and all three of these subjects have been a part of my work for as long as I can remember.  Below I've pictured the Piece that is in the show.

     On The Bridge,  29"x24"x17",  Whiteware, Vitreous Slip, Sgraffito.

I also wanted to picture a different piece that was made around the same time period but much larger (aprox. 48" tall).  I think it would be an even better fit for the show.  What do you think?  It's titled "Angel Nightmare"(originally "Dreaming of Angels"). Sometimes I change titles over time for various reasons.

         Angel Nightmare, 48"x 38"x 32", Whiteware, Vitreous Slip, Sgraffito


  1. Such wonderful work and so appropriate for the show. Congratulations!

  2. Hi! I really loved on the bridge. It was my favorite piece in the entire museum!! I have chosen it as the piece that I'm going to write about for my museum review term paper. I agree that Nightmare would have been very fitting in the show as well.

  3. And by the way, the title on display at the exhibit was "On the Bridge" instead of "Under the Bridge"