Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

Happy New Year! 
My wife Kristin has captured some of the greatest pictures in 2010.  Many of which can be seen on her cool design blog.  This is one of my personal favorites and I don't think it is because I'm at the center of the composition.  I'm sticking my head out the front door of a junk store (not our house) probably saying to kristin that I don't think that it will be a good photo.  As always she proved me wrong. Another reason I'm posting this pic to end the old and begin the new year is that one of my goals every year is to get rid of so much unnecessary "stuff" that clutters up our life.  I'm sure that many of you have a similar objective.  "Less is more."  
Thanks to everyone that has frequented my new blog this past year.  I'm truly enjoying the process.
Do you have any interesting or unusual resolutions?

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