Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Colorful Evening

~ A Colorful Evening ~

Every spring one of the two major tulip growers in the valley hosts a special night for the locals.  It's been a bit of a tradition for the family for the past few years and my father from RI got a chance to join us last year.  The tulips are never absolutely predictable as to when they will be in bloom and this year they are a smidge late.  Not late for the the locals night however.  We got a chance to enjoy a beautiful display variety and color.  Kristin the family photographer was having a field day.

Sayer loves breaking the rules and running through the rows of flowers, sometimes falling head first into the mud.  It was chilly but you never would have known by looking at him having fun out there.

The fun and color didn't end for him in the tulip fields because Grandma and Grandpa suggested a trip to  One Sayers favorite fine dining establishments that just so happens to have an enormous play land to climb.

I was thoroughly impressed by how well he climbed up and through maze of tubes.  He was quick to make friends with an older girl who helped him find his way to the biggest corkscrew slide.  I have to say that the stroll through the tulip fields and the after party were very different experiences but also very typical of the way Kristin and I live our lives.  We try to live very colorfully.

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