Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Community Passion

A couple of months ago I received a very lovely letter via snail mail.  It was actually a number of cards and clippings from a couple who had both taken my ceramics class at Skagit Valley College more than a decade ago.  The wife, who was writing the letter, wanted to let me know how her husband's passion for pottery was rekindled in that class.  I was touched by the fact that I may have had some part in Mark's decision to pursue ceramics, but even more by the actual letter and gesture.
In teaching at a community college I sometimes get more mature students who have careers outside of the arts that are wanting to explore their creative side or get back to an activity that they used to enjoy.  Unlike the usually younger degree minded student that chances are will move outside the area after graduation,  these folks live here and make up our local community.

I just loved all the hand writing that seemed so exude enthusiasm.  Mark was having his 9th annual pottery sale and pictured above is the front and back of the show invitation.  It arrived a little too late for me to make it but I'm looking forward to going next year.  
I'm so happy that Mark is "doing it".  To often dreams and passions get pushed down or aside in our lives and going after them is never an easy.  It always requires a major commitment.  This is definitely one of those times when I really enjoy teaching at a community college and as a teacher feel quite proud of the impact I may have on the people within that community.


  1. Love this post! That's what it's all about... So glad you could see what kind of impact that you have on others. GO CERAMICS PROF CHRIS!

  2. Such a wonderful story! Reminded both hubs and me that we never thanked some of our teachers for their influence on us, and we regret it.
    So, a big thank you to you Chris, for being for others what some have been for us!
    (hope to learn from you someday - I got only the basics in ceramics, but I adored that class)

    smallish D